Saturday, 6 June 2015


"STYLE-all who have it share one thing: ORIGINALITY" - DIANA VREELAND
A GHANAIAN SMOCK is a plaid shirt that is similar to the Bashiki, worn by men in West African, Ghana.The smock is also called Fugu or Batakari.The smock originated in the northern region of Ghana the smock and Kente clothe are the Ghanaian national dress.The smock is made of handloomed strips of Kente fabric that are three to four inches in width the strips are sewn together by hand or machine giving the smock a plaid appearance most smocks have embroidery on the neckline.  Smocks are unique in terms of the textures of its fabrics and colour pattern. They come in different style and colour depending on the taste, age and the sex of of the wearer and the occasion. It can be worn anywhere in the world because it can be very good warm and airy clothing. On today's style session i styled my smock with a pair of high heels, a lovely, accessorised it with a dash of orange colorful beaded necklace to spice up the look. And also with some cute cut sunglasses to add up alittle character to the whole emsemble.This outfit can be worn to all your favorite occasions depending on your mood. Did you ever think a SMOCK SUCH AS THIS COULD LOOK THIS STYLISH!

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