Tuesday, 5 August 2014


"Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway...."- Coco Chanel
Hello guys how are you lot doing today, hope better. s
Sorry I was meant to post this earlier but my internet connection hasn't been too friendly so pardon me guys. OK so today's look is an official one, very stylish and sheik but yet simple to rock. I paired this lovely pants with my chiffon sleeveless top (could also be worn with a short-sleeved shirt). I actually love the little detail on the blouse around the sleeves it helped in picking the right pants. (all the colours seemed to be in their right proportions, i concentrated on not more than three colours) To finish off the look i added a little splash of extra colour on the side of the shoes. to make it fun and playful, I could have been tempted to go for a white or all round blue plums, but knowing myself and colours too well it would have been boring. so I rather settled for this two toned coloured plums to add an extra vavavoom to it .You can actually rock this to your business meetings, lunch or interviews . For accessories i kept it pretty cool and simple I didn't wanna stray attention from the whole outfit......OK guys enjoy the rest of the post...... 

Pants: Dorothy Perkings
Shoes: Jean-Michel Cazabat

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  1. U luk fabulous doll.....n ur hair is da issshhh gurl✌✌✌����