Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I am so insecure, I can't leave home without spanx - Kim Kardashian

                              Kim K who wore one of her own clothes from her clothing line Kim Kardashian for C &A, says she has gained 20 pounds and feels she always needs to wear spanx before she leaves home because of how insecure she feels with the weight gain.

'Everybody thinks, "She got her butt done and her hips done" and all this stuff,  'I'm like, "No, I'm legit 20 pounds heavier." I'm so insecure lately. Seriously, just with my weight. I cannot leave the house without Spanx.'
The 34 year old who is currently in Sao Paola Brazil to promote her clothing line looked amazing in this tight semi-sheer black dress she wore to her press conference! More pics after the cut...

source: linda ikeji

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