Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Kenya Moore claims she didn't know the man she'd been claiming as her man is married

Today, MediaTakeOut published a report claiming that the man reality star Kenya Moore has been parading around as her fiance is married to another woman. After the report went viral, Kenya Moore released a statement claiming she didn't know he was married and only found out after MTO published it. Really? Read the MTO report below and Kenya's reaction after the cut

Atlanta Housewives Kenya Moore is even more fraudulent that we could have ever imagined. Kenya took to social media two weeks ago, to announce that she and her boyfriend James Freeman - whom she met on Millionaire Matchmaker were engaged.
Well not only is that a lie - but they never even were romantically involved - it was all fake for TV. How do we know this? Well because three weeks ago, James married his real true love - a woman named Jaimie. And we have the wedding pics.
And get this, remember when Kenya posted the engagement ring on Instagram - then deleted it quickly? Well she took it down - because someone must have told her that James got married exactly one week before she posted the pic. So the man she was pretending to be engaged to . . . was actually on his honeymoon with his real wife. LOL
Wow, Kenya really is sad. We actually feel sorry for her now.
Kenya Moore's reaction on Instagram
Her arch-rival Vivica Fox couldn't help but say something about

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