Tuesday, 21 July 2015



Hi guyss!!!! its been such a magical weekend with a very amazing holiday on top of it all. The week has already been shortened with the holiday & we've escaped the Monday blues but I'm channeling it into today''s look. I got to the office this morning with so much joy and pleasure. I am so relaxed from all the fun and rest I had over the long weekend, that it actually feels so good to be back. I picked up this really beautiful and official outfit for the office. I feel this is so perfect & meets what most of the corporate offices rules require. However knowing my knack for looking stylish & standing out. I wore a blue-black skirt suit with  geometric  and a little embellishment. The plunging v-neck shirt could have caused problems for me if I wasn't tact enough & wore it like that so I'm wearing a clean white tang top beneath. The three-quarter pencil skin is so chic just like my style with a little slit in front which allows me to move a lot & feel comfortable. Well blue & black is one of the most  safe colors people wear because they feel it's easy to wear & match with anything. It's true but you can stay on top of the pack with bold or loud colors as long as the shade are in synced with the other. My gold shoes are killing the look for me but you can feel free to try something else like I said. I hope you have fun whiles playing with colors & learn something new whiles trying it. Enjoy the rest the of the post....*kiss kiss

Slitted Skirt with Blazer( retailed by ): www.luxoca.com
Pearls BlackBag : Akilagh +233244773397)

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  1. You are so pretty, and I love your suit. It definitely would go with almost all office rules, and the gold shoes are so perfect. You look very chic and lovely.


  2. perfect ensemble.