Sunday, 11 October 2015


" Be Faithful To Your Own Taste Because Nothing you Really Like Is Ever Out Of Style"-
Happy Sunday sweethearts and dearies. I must say I've missed each and everyone of you. Yesterday I went out for a cousin's party and I did enjoy myself. I deserve it sometimes because the work and stress at the office is something else. I did denim in a very different way this week. The denim dress is my latest crush. I picked it up during the week when I went shopping for a client. The dress spoke to me and I had no other option than to buy it. I love the collar, the flair and the belt that syncs my whole shape and accentuates my curves. I paired it with neon Gucci strap heels. I'm always trying to outdo my self with new looks and this one is just it. As I've said in previous posts denim stands on its own so accessories most of the time do not do justice to it so I just did some few bracelets and ornaments to go with the flow. It's been a great weekend and I hope we all have an exciting week ahead. 

Denim Dress by ; Gabbvintage (+233235181986)
Hair : KUB (

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  1. I seriously need to know who did your weave? The install is A1! Kindly share your hairstylist with us please. .. ��

  2. Nice! Is the dress still available?