Wednesday, 25 May 2016


"All my life I've pursued the perfect red." — Diana Vreeland
                                                                  Hey Lovebugs,
I've missed you all so much. It's been a very exciting month and I thank you all for sticking to the blog and the brand whiles I styled other clients. 
This week it's a personal style post of my love affair with ShebyBena.
The brand is close to my heart and its fulfilling to know that Sheela Gabrah has grown as a household name in the fashion industry. This brand is my muse and I'm also the muse because of how long with come. They clothed me in an illustration I put together for church and private event I attended. Here's why this dress will go into my closet as one of the memorable ones.
The fabric's color which is one of my favorite colors, red stands for love & affection.
The fish tail gown with an opening at the back and a sheer fabric is perfect option for an alternative bride or even for her reception. This private event is quite regal and glam so it be hooves that I make a statement with clothes. I styled the  look with teardrop diamond earrings and a ring on my finger. Here's the trick you all need to know, the fabric is bejeweled and the details are intricate which allows for less accessories. Let's all note that anytime we go for dresses like this. Thanks once again for passing by. I love you so much just like I do for this beautiful ShebyBena dress.

Thank you for stopping by

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  1. Very elegant and beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow you look stunning! I love the colour and I love how this dress hugs your beautiful curves. You look so elegant. You have such pretty eyes and a cute face and dang I have to say from the back this dress looks exquisite. You have a very sexy back. Hope you enjoy your day, you really made mine! x x x x x ;) ;)