Thursday, 9 June 2016


"When you love fashion, there is no weekend. Everything just blends together"-Carine Roitfeld

I really love this black two piece I'm wearing because it was made by She By Bena. There are so many places to take this outfit to and that's the reason why it's very useful. Mine came with a peplum at the top & a  tulle skirt. Perhaps it reminds me of my childhood when I will play bride in tulle and twirl around with my little dolls. Black has always represented evil and darkness yet Chinese thought say we need the balance it with white and that's how life is actually. Silver is a very outstanding metal & to bring life to a black dress I picked my clutch and shoe in that color. For accessories I did a dangling earring and that was all for me. Perhaps my lipstick rained supreme in everything because I'm a girl and these colors warm me up.

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