Sunday, 10 August 2014


               "Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered....."- Giorgio Armani
Hiya! hope you guys had a very lovely weekend, yet another working week is upon us i hope you guys have a fruitful one. Ok lets get this post started, i wore this beautiful white gown to church earlier on  today and also to an engagement party all in one day more like killing two birds with one stone. It is always the desire of every woman to dress up in a manner so as to look and feel beautiful, and this lovely piece left me feeling nothing less. A gown is necessarily a dress but the same can not be said about all women's dresses. They are mostly figure hugging but flowing at the bottom it is mostly associated with glamour and beauty.Gowns can be worn to dinners parties, red carpet events, weddings, engagement parties, ball room events and so on So to you beautiful ladies do not hesitate for a second to pull out that gorgeous gown that will leave heads spinning all night/day long........Enjoy the rest of the post guys ....*kiss kiss muaahhhh!!!  

Gown: Wardrobeyak (+233266545477)

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kisses to you all

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