Saturday, 17 October 2015


" The difference between Style and Fashion is Quality"- Giorgio Armani
Good Morning to all you lovely readers and style enthusiasts. I hope we are doing well on a fine Saturday morning. I'm off to do a little shopping for clients and I have decided to go full street fashion. It's a go Hard or a go Home affair. I'm pulling it off with a Dungaree; I'm told some people call it Car-wash because it's usually worn by workers. That's a nice name as well. I'm wearing a white sleeve crop top to let out some skin. You know crop tops are still one of the trends that's getting stronger each season. I'm doing louboutins sneakers to go with the theme of the look. I love my louboutins any day and in any form. I'm shopping and I don't want a hand bag so my Louis Vuitton backpack will be close to me the whole time. I know you weren't expecting accessorises with this look but there you go. I'm loving this gold ethnic bracelet and my Michael Korrs so I'm just adding it up to put the icing on the cake. In case you see me on the streets don't hesitate to holla.. You all inspire me. 😉


  1. I must say that this outfit and you in it is pure perfection!!!
    So stylish...

  2. I love your outfit, you pulled it off effortlessly

  3. I love your outfit, you pulled it off effortlessly