Thursday, 25 June 2015


'Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.' - Marilyn Monroe
Hello Sweethearts. How's everyone doing?? I'm great myself but I personally think Marilyn was talking about me and my new pumps when she made those remarks about shoes. I feel a lot more girly and trendy than usual this week with these nude pumps. Pumps are a girl's best friend after heels. They're extra comfortable, smart and so light you'll wonder if you are still walking with your feet.On the plus side you can wear them with almost everything including a playsuit exactly like what I'm wearing today. I picked red one of my favorite colors and the universal colour for love to give all the nude colors a little sparkle and not dull the look so much. Once again a chanel / Le boo hand bag with a gold chain makes me feel like a schoolgirl in Disneyland 😉. Remember to conquer the world whiles looking stylish and smart. Xoxo

                                                                     Play Suit: Asos
                                                                  Flats: Louboutines
                                                               Bag : Chanel / Le boo
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